Jireh Board is funded by generous donations from donors as well as grants from corporations and foundations. Jireh Board retains a 2-12% nonprofit support fee on donations to help us cover all of our expenses, from building our website, to leading informative training to project leaders and providing excellent customer service. We also charge a 2% transaction processing fee to cover credit card fees and other processing costs involved with disbursing funds to projects in more than 170 countries around the world.

My organization is not registered; can we still apply to join Jireh Board?


Jireh Board primarily works with registered nonprofit organizations, although we have a number of partners that are not registered and work directly with a fiscal sponsor.

Yes! About fifty percent of Jireh Board’s partners are internationally registered organizations. If your documents are not in English, you will be asked to provide English translations. We accept unofficial translations, including those made with Google Translate.

Jireh Board accepts applications from registered nonprofit organizations around the world. Organizations must be able to show a track record of project implementation and be able to pass through our due diligence process.